Team mentoring

I help create and grow Product Design & UX Research teams

Creation of design, research and product teams

I collaborate with startups and small companies that want to incorporate a design, research, product and/or content team – even if it’s just one person.

  • Understand the needs and culture of the company, so that the solution is the most efficient possible.
  • Understanding challenges, opportunities and available options
  • Draw up a roadmap, objectives and success indicators for the team to avoid wasting time, effort and money.
  • Interviewing candidates
  • Define a work methodology that adapts to your company’s culture.

Mentoring to develop team skills and efficiency

If you have a team of juniors, without an experienced person in charge, I help you identify areas for improvement and then do a mentoring process, with prioritized objectives and clear success indicators.

  • Technical skills (design and research)
  • Organization and efficiency in the way we work and collaborate
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Better understand business needs
  • Know how to communicate the value of the design and research work to the organization.

Mentoring + Leadership "on-demand".

If you have a team of juniors without a very experienced person at the helm, or you have an extended leave that leaves you without a leader temporarily, I can help you lead the team remotely on a part-time basis for a set amount of time.

  • Your team will have the mentoring, but they will also have daily support and feedback on what they are doing and how.

  • I offer guidance, help with decision making, transfer of information. What I do not offer is to do work on design or research projects, as this is not the purpose of this service.

Tailor-made workshops and lectures

Talks and workshops are ideal for introducing the team to alternative information and insights on challenges they may have.

  • How to improve the relationship between UX and the rest of the business
  • How to work more efficiently
  • How to communicate better
  • How to manage time and tasks and prioritize better.
  • How to balance business and user needs

Some comments about my work with teams

Frequently Asked Questions

I work on 3-month projects so that both parties have time to see how the relationship works without the pressure of too long a commitment.

Before we talk about contracts we need to get to know each other, see if we feel there is a potential fit, what needs you have and if I feel I can meet your expectations.

The next step would be a pre-engagement to cover an assessment, which includes interviews with key stakeholders and from which you will get a report with recommendations.

Based on the conclusions from this assessment we can decide whether to collaborate or not. If we decide to collaborate, we use the report to discuss the duration, frequency and cost of the collaboration costs. We will also define objectives, priorities and measures of success.

  • I have been working in the digital world since 1994 and have learned and worked in every area of the digital design world. But the years don’t count by themselves; imagine all the mistakes (and learnings) which I can share, so you don’t have to waste your time.
  • Working better and learning is not a job; it is a passion.
  • If I can’t do something I will say so, and I expect an equal level of transparency. If I say I will do it, I will do it with all the passion that characterizes me and with a laser focus on results.
  • I don’t do consulting by leaving you a PPT as a deliverable; I create relationships. When I join a team I treat is as if it were my business, even if it’s part-time.

Before talking about money, I need to know more about the project, the context, the expectations. I work hard to find the right point where both parties feel comfortable.

So I invite you to get to know us first and then see how we can accommodate your personal situation in a way that is fair and affordable for both parties.

For collaborations of 3+ months remote work only. However, if logistically possible, I like to meet the team in person.

For workshops, I can do them in person in the provinces of Barcelona and Girona. For workshops outside these areas, we can talk about displacements and how to manage them.

Some of my collaborations

Let's talk 🙂

Even if we don’t get to collaborate, there’s nothing like a chat to open doors and keep learning.

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