Hi, I'm Gaby Prado

UX Research, Product Design and Leadership Mentor and Coach

What I offer you

Individual mentoring

I partner with women designers, researchers and leaders who wish to develop professionally and personally while caring for their well-being.

Team building and mentoring

I help companies that are just starting with UX or have  junior UX and Research teams to achieve better results at all levels.


What do they say about my mentoring?

Gaby focuses on understanding your context, personality and needs to help you grow and learn from that starting point. There is no ready-made solution, especially when battling perfectionism and burnout. She can help you find your own way to succeed at work and enjoy it.

Sofia Gonzalez

Gaby helped me rethink my way of thinking and working and introduced me to the method of experimentation, which greatly improved my motivation and perception of my abilities. She also gave me the tools to develop my UX techniques, which allowed me to grow professionally in a way that would have taken me years without it.

Linnea Nilsson
UX designer and researcher

With Gaby, you immerse yourself in an enriching path of growth, learning and professional challenge, which leads you to get the best out of yourself, whatever the challenge you face.

Pamela Castro
Process and Customer Experience Manager
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