So excited to finally announce IxDA Barcelona’s next event:

IxDA Barcelona Mobile Event Thursday May 31st 19:30

Thursday 31, May 19:30

Dusk Bar (Carrer de la Mercè 23, 08002, Barcelona)

The evening will feature two presentations :Josh Clark (@globalmoxie) author of «Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps» and «Best iPhone Apps» and Karen McGrane (@karenmcgrane), author of «Content Strategy for Mobile,» (coming in 2013) will each give a thirty minute presentation talking about mobile usage, design and content creation.

Josh Clark: The Seven Deadly Myths of Mobile

A set of persistent myths are driving the development of mobile experiences that frustrate more than delight. «Info snacking.» «The distracted, rushed mobile user.» Those behaviors don’t always, or even usually, exist, yet too often we design solely for those contexts, creating mobile apps as lite versions of their desktop counterparts. Instead, mobile apps should almost always do MORE than their desktop counterparts. Josh Clark explains the difficult craft of designing simple interfaces for complex mobile apps, sharing techniques for future-friendly mobile efforts and, along the way, debunking seven stubborn mobile myths.

Karen McGrane: Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive Content

For years, we’ve been telling designers: the web is not print. You can’t have pixel-perfect layouts. You can’t determine how your site will look in every browser, on every platform, on every device. We taught designers to cede control, think in systems, embrace web standards. So why are we still letting content authors plan for where their content will «live» on a web page? Why do we give in when they demand a WYSIWYG text editor that works «just like Microsoft Word»? Worst of all, why do we waste time and money creating and recreating content instead of planning for content reuse? What worked for the desktop web simply won’t work for mobile. As our design and development processes evolve, our content workflow has to keep up. Karen will talk about how we have to adapt to creating more flexible content.

Of course there will also be room for socializing and connecting with them and fellow IxDAers.

Space is limited to 50 attendees. There will be a strict door policy (your name must be on the guest list)

If you can’t make it and/or want to see Josh & Karen in action some more, we invite you to the full-day workshop «Small Screens, Big Changes» that they will be teaching the next day at the World Trade Center. 

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